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Course Description

The course uses video, audio and documents to walk you though the process of making a claim in the Employment Tribunal. The goal is to make the process as painless as possible.

You hear directly from an Employment Law Expert, with advice, tips and insight into how best to present your case.

The course is ideal for anyone looking to make a claim without legal representation.

Employment Law Barrister

Blair Toner

Blair is a specialist in Employment Tribunal Claims. He has vast experience in all aspects of employment law with a focus on Employment Tribunal litigation. This course is a chance to learn how best to present your case. Blair often sees individuals without legal representation make the same mistakes - this course is designed to level the playing field and give you a fighting chance.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Intro Video

    • Employment Tribunal Claims - Key Steps in the Process

    • Video - Why take this course?


  • 2

    Early Acas Conciliation

    • Video - Acas Conciliation Explained

    • Video - How to Start Early Acas Conciliation

    • Video - Acas Conciliation and Time Limits

    • Early-Conciliation-flowchart

    • Conciliation-Explained-Acas

    • Links

    • Acas Conciliation Overview

    • Conciliation Certificate

    • Template COT3

    • Acas Time Limits Example

  • 3

    Things to consider before making a claim

    • Video - Things to Consider

    • Things to Consider before bringing a Claim in the Employment Tribunal

  • 4

    Making a claim (part 1): The Particulars of claim

    • Intro Video - watch this video first

    • Video - Tips on Setting out claim

    • Video - Explaining particulars of claim with comments document

    • Video - Explaining Unfair Dismissal Particulars of Claim

    • Particulars of claim x 3

    • Tips when setting out your claim

  • 5

    Making a claim (part 2): The ET1

    • Video - Making a claim online example

    • Bring a claim - General Information

    • Bringing a Claim - The ET1